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Our Astronomy PresentationOur presentations are adjusted to key-stages 1, 2, 3 & 4 and our presentations are very much hands-on with an informative talk throughout using illuminated globes & models of the Sun, Moon and the Planets; this allows the children to become adapted to the dark before going on to an imaginary space-flight to see the stars.
Our DomesAstrodome has 3 planetariums to suit your school hall, starting with our 5.5m silver screen Star-Lab Dome, suitable if you have a small hall; 6.5m Stargazer Dome, this is our most frequently used dome with superb projection and our 7m Go-Dome for larger spaces.
Safety First!All our Domes are made from reinforced flame retardant industrial grade fabric which is inflated by a high-velocity fan to a rigid structure in about five minutes. The floor on all our domes are entirely open to allow for easy emergency exit.

School Specifications

The only school requirement is a downstairs hall or large classroom with a clean surface.

Standard Dome (holds one class) – 21ft x 18ft (6.6m x 5.5m) and height of not less than 11ft (3.2m).

Super Dome (holds two classes) – 21ft x 21ft (6.4m x 6.4m) and height of not less than 13ft (4.0m).

Go-Dome (7.0m) – used for special events.

All need a standard nearby power supply and a parking space for a Ford Transit Van. Please note our domes cannot be set up outside!

Peter J. Golding FRAS

Peter J Golding is a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a member of The British Astronomical Association and a founding Director of the Canterbury Observatory, which was opened by Apollo 15 Astronaut James Irwin who walked on the Moon in 1971. He is also a life member of the Mid-Kent Astronomical Society and Managing Director of Astrodome. Peter also carried out teacher training for the Institute of Physics with the Astrodome when Astronomy became part of the schools National Curriculum for Science.

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