Our Astrodomes

About Astrodome

Astrodome was formed in 1992 by Peter Golding which was way back in the last century and we are still outstanding in this century. We started producing shows in 1993 that have been enjoyed by hundreds of schools over the years and are frequently booked back year after year! In the last 28 years Astrodome’s unique Space Show has now been delivered to over 5,600 schools across the UK and our shows are updated every year.

Our Dome Sizes

Astrodome has 3 planetariums to suit your school hall, starting with our 5.5m silver screen Star-Lab Dome, suitable if you have a small hall; 6.5m Stargazer Dome, this is our most frequently used dome with superb projection and our 7m Go-Dome for larger spaces. All our Domes are made from reinforced flame retardant industrial grade fabric which is inflated by a high-velocity fan to a rigid structure in about five minutes. The floor on all our domes are entirely open to allow for easy emergency exit.

Our large domes hold up to 65 students plus 4 teachers (2 classes). Each presentation is approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour. The cost of the first show will depend on where your school is situated from our Rochester base and £80 for each subsequent presentation.

Our Astrodome School Presentations:

Our presentations are adjusted to key-stages 1, 2, 3 & 4 and our presentations are very much hands-on with an informative talk throughout using illuminated globes & models of the Sun, Moon and the Planets; this allows the children to become adapted to the dark before going on to an imaginary space-flight to see the stars. We have 4 different Star projectors illuminating over 40,000 stars across the dome to produce the reality and magic of being in space. We have a mythological projector which outlines the constellations, making it easier for children to understand the navigation of the night sky.  We then move on to some NASA footage showing the first moon landing and then we travel past each planet giving an explanation of each as we go by. The show is fun and very informative and we gear the presentation to the age of the children.  Each child will receive a certificate at the end of the presentation.

Astrodome is delivered and set up into the safest environment of all, your own school hall. No need for expensive and time consuming coach trips, worrying about the safety of your children or stuck in traffic jams and being back in time for parents. What more could you want than the 28 years experience of Astrodome!

All set in a planetarium with 360ᵒ vision of the stars, surround sound and seats for the teachers set up inside, for a 50min – 1hour show to enjoy the perfect experience!

The Astrodome experience is fun, exciting and 100 % educational, no wonder we are booked back to schools year after year!