Our Pricelist

Providing the most engaging
Astrodome experience for children in key stage 1 to 4 across the UK.

We have inspired 1000s of children from over 5,600 schools across the UK, helping them learn more about the earth, the solar system and the universe. Our content is tailored for keystage 1 to 4 and is presented in an interactive way.


Why Choose Astrodome?

With over 27 years proven experience in teaching children about the universe, our solar system and science, Astrodome are looking forward to helping your school learn more about this stellar subject.

Our Astrodome Pricing

The cost of the first show will depend on your location from our Rochester base. Each subsequent presentation is then charged at £80 for all areas. We will use the Super dome where possible as its better value for your school.

First Show (2 classes per show)
Kent: £190
Essex, London, East Sussex, and Surrey: £210
West Sussex, Herts and Middlesex: £220
Subsequent shows (2 classes): £80 each
(e.g. Kent: 1st show = £190 + 2nd show = £80: Total = £270 etc.)

Prices for other areas or special events are available on request